Play helping to ease anxieties about SATs

At this time of year, our Play Rangers are supporting lots of year 6 children who are feeling under pressure from their SATs exams. The build up to these tests is intense, as schools feel the pressure to secure good results. There is lots of controversy around the wisdom of testing children in this way, and the effect it has on their physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Play Rangers are supporting year 6 children through both community and school-based play. We see outdoor play as the essential antidote to exam pressures, and our afterschool community sessions really help by providing active and creative child-led play supported by kind playworkers and of course helped by some very healthy snacks. All designed to relieve stress and help children sleep well!

This year we have also provided an in-school Play Nurture Group (PNG) specifically commissioned by a Head Teacher to help with SATs anxieties. This was a creative approach to supporting mental wellbeing, and recognises the restorative effect of outdoor play.