Play Nurture

Utilising the therapeutic power of outdoor play

Many children we meet experience anxiety and stress, and it impacts on their physical and emotional health and childhood wellbeing. On top of these problems, which could be regarded as the social and emotional challenges of everyday childhood, some children are facing complex psychological and physical difficulties that make them particularly vulnerable.

Our Play Nurture work provides vulnerable children with the time and space to take part in child-led outdoor play and benefit from its restorative and healing qualities.  Play Nurture is our way of providing help for children who need more support than our community play gatherings can offer.  Play Nurture helps children to cope better with adversity, grow resilience, have improved emotional wellness, and increased social connections. Play Nurture takes place both in school and out of school, in smalls groups and for individuals. All Play Nurture is led by experienced Play Rangers, and our Young Volunteers provide buddying support.

“ Joe thoroughly enjoyed play nurture and gained some valuable social skills and importantly is able to resolve issues independently. He is now able to share and has made progress with his speech and conversational skills”

“Chloe always looks forward to Play Nurture, speaks excitedly about the activities and it has given her a sense of purpose. It has had a positive impact on her managing her feelings and resolving conflicts”

“I’ve told other children about Play Rangers, that you’re very kind”.  “You help me not to get so upset about the little things in school”

“I’m here because I had no friends. You help me be more confident and make friends”

“Play is a release. There was a lot going on that was worrying her and I could see her thinking she could go to Play Nurture, forget about all that stuff for a whole day, there wasn’t going to be a social worker phoning me up, she was able to go and enjoy some adventures with the Rangers”.