Young Volunteers

Doing good makes you feel good

We love our Young Volunteers! Quite simply, they are amazing. We provide volunteering opportunities for young people aged 10 to 17 years old, aiming to develop their strengths and utilise their talents. Most young people start by informally helping us at play in their home community. Some then sign up to our Young Volunteer Programme, logging their volunteer hours, and achieving milestones with rewards such as a polo shirt, head torch, the coveted hoodie and ultimately a place on one of our training camps.

Our Young Volunteers realise that doing good makes you feel good, and as well as the satisfaction of being a valued part of our play team, they also develop important life skills such as confidence, resilience and independence. Places on our Young Volunteer training events are highly sought after, and these gatherings enable young people from a whole range of backgrounds and abilities to meet and make friends, develop new skills and have lots of fun.

Since our Young Volunteer Programme was set up in 2009 more than 106 young people have volunteered over 13,162 hours. We estimate the value of their volunteering at £44,750. To us they are priceless.

“Before I was asked if I would like to become a young volunteer, I was timid and very shy. However, after I was asked I became more confident in myself and around others.  Since becoming a young volunteer I have made new friends, learnt how to build dens and enjoyed every moment of being a young volunteer, I will carry on being a young volunteer for as long as I can.”

“Before I became a young volunteer I was always bored, sat on my Xbox and rarely went out. Two years on I can’t believe the amount of great people I’ve become close mates with and the amount of places that I’ve been and hours I’ve volunteered”

“I have made lots of friends and had the opportunity to do things I don’t think I would have done otherwise. I have got more confident and it really helped when I changed schools from primary to secondary going from a small school to a very big one. I find it easier to make friends and talk to people because I’m a volunteer”