Active Children, Playful Communities

Turning the tide of physical inactivity with play

Play is good for children, good for families and good for communities. We know this from our work, and research provides the theory to back this up. At Play Gloucestershire we believe that outdoor play is an essential part of a healthy and happy childhood. So many good things happen to children when they are given the time and space for play in their home community. And yet today’s children are spending less and less time outside, and are suffering from more mental and physical health problems.

Community play takes place in parks and green spaces.  Activities are free at the point of delivery, and our community play for most is easy to access, being a short walk or bike ride from where children live. This means they do not need to rely on adults providing money or transport to take part – they can simply choose to get to their local open space and join in.

The range of positive activities that Play Gloucestershire’s Play Rangers provide is huge. Our customised and branded vans contain all sorts of active and creative play equipment. Children can play informal sports, build dens, active games such as tag, water fights, hide & seek, creative art, using and adapting existing play equipment. It results in all ages and abilities playing together on a shared community space from toddlers to teenagers to grandparents.

Look out for our blue play vans!

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Community Testimonials

“You’re great value for money, there’s always so much going on and your Rangers are great at engaging with children and families”.

Cirencester Town Council

“The Play Rangers provide a safe space allowing all ages to play together. The impact at community level are parks being utilised by all. At individual level the Rangers are teaching the art of playing and having fun. Children create lasting bonds with the Rangers who become role models and safe adults who they can turn to for support should they want to. Many of them do”

Stroud Town Council

“In an ideal world there would be a team of Play Rangers in every area of our district”.

Police Community Support Officer