Paralympic Play

During the summer holidays the excitement for Olympic based play increased in line with Team GB’s success in Rio. On our return to after school play in September the feats of Paralympic GB inspired some of our play.

Using our tennis nets we made our own sitting volleyball court “This is harder than actual volleyball” one teenager told us. We then set about creating our own version of Goal Ball, for those that don’t know what Goal Ball is, you must have a look at some of the footage online IT. IS. AMAZING! Using a ball with a bell in it, teams of three compete in trying to score a goal by throwing the ball past the other team – the reason for the bell in the ball? All competitors are visually impaired and they use their hearing to dive and save the ball – superhero skills.

Using our trusty tennis net (multi use equipment or what!?) again and making a blindfold with material from the dressing up box we had ‘blind penalties’. Our goalies were visually impaired by the material and they had to trust and rely on their partner (behind the goal) to tell them which way to dive, we didn’t have a ball with a bell in it (we’re working on that) and we couldn’t guarantee complete silence. The penalties took place with plenty of strategy, skill and lots of laughter as we tricked each other occasionally to dive the wrong way!

With small adaptations to our kit and games we have enjoyed (and still do enjoy) our own little slice of Rio action.

by Ben Morris, Team Leader