Feb HT14 025 (2) February half term is usually a bit quieter than other school holidays. Not this one! Despite floods, high winds and heavy rain we saw lots of kids out playing with us, and some sunshine too.

Taking advantage of the mud, in plentiful supply, we made mud pies galore and those creative Rangers used the wild sling as a giant catapult firing mud pies into home painted targets. And at The Vineyards in Tewkesbury, the team made the most of the floods by firing mud pies into the sea surrounding them.

Families seemed really pleased to be out playing in the parks after a soggy couple of months in Gloucestershire, and we had lots of great comments about tired and happy kids at the end of each day. Our campfire cooking was as popular as ever, and the Rangers are fab at filling lots of hungry bellies with free, healthy food that we help the kids to prepare and cook. The sociability of sharing hot food in the great outdoors is immense and during cash strapped times we know this is important, as is FREE, FUN OUTDOOR PLAY!Feb HT14 033

We are noticing that kids are starting to migrate from site to site across Gloucester and one family walked for an hour to join us on the other side of the City. That’s impressive and great exercise as well. We welcome all children, and our inclusive and caring approach means we are able to support kids facing difficulties in their lives and make sure they feel part of our PG family. We have disabled children, fostered children, young carers, and families with social care interventions playing together and it’s really good for everyone.

Over the week, we delivered 12.5 play days, and 397 people came out to play with us.

Thanks to everyone who supported us during February half term and especially those amazing Young Volunteers who deserve a very special mention. Three word summary – muddy, exhausting, fab!  Lots more pictures in the Gallery.Feb HT14 010 Resized Feb HT14 011 (2)