Young Volunteers Training Camp

There was glorious sunshine and summer heat for our Young Volunteers training weekend in Saul. Glamping on the playing fields, 20 young people joined us to develop their playwork skills, plan for some Rio Olympic inspired fun over this summer, and of course to meet and make friends. On the Saturday, Team Leaders Ben and led workshops on the Edge of Chaos, the Manchester Circles, physical literacy and the Playwork Principles. There was also lots of team building and problem solving challenges as the Young Volunteers navigated their way through ‘Play Land’ – a fantasy scenario involving dragon eggs, the Lake of Misery and Mount Doom!

Although technically we called it a sleepover, not much sleep happened, and the local foxes did their best to terrify some young people with some close encounters. On Sunday the Young Volunteers ranging in age from 11 to 18, started to plan for some playful Olympic fun, cooked their lunch on small fire pits foraging for wood, and cooled down with a water fight.

Grateful thanks to the High Sheriff’s Fund for again supporting our Young Volunteer development. We salute you Young Volunteers! You are amazing and we couldn’t do what we do without your playful fun, kindness and energy.