Rangers Volunteer at Eid Celebration for Refugees

We’ve been moved to tears seeing the plight of refugees in the news each day. When we were asked to help put smiles on the faces of 50 children through play at an Eid Celebration for Gloucestershire refugee families at The Friendship Cafe, we jumped at the chance. A team of five Rangers volunteered their time, and we had a fabulous afternoon using the universal language of play to make friends, and help immerse these children in some child led and much needed play. “Some children got so immersed it was hard to get them to stop playing” said Pip, our Director of Play “and the kindness of the women from the local Muslim community was totally inspiring. It was an afternoon of love, laughter and friendship, we shared the most marvellous food and the biggest smile of all was on our Rangers’ faces having had the opportunity to make new friends through play”. Everyone needs the time and space to play and especially children experiencing the trauma and crisis that being a refugee brings. The power of play is a wonderful thing!