Play Nurture Plus Handbook

Play Nurture Plus aims to embed the principles of Play Gloucestershire’s award-winning Play Nurture programme into schools: as part of this project we are proud to offer as FREE downloadable content our Play Nurture Plus Handbook. This handbook is designed to explain the theory and benefits of playwork, and to help schools create and develop their own Play Nurture programme, delivered by one or more Play Champions.

Play Nurture Plus is a joint project between Play Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire Healthy Lifestyles and Living, Gloucestershire’s Clinical Commissioning Group and Active Gloucestershire.

“Providing children with opportunities to explore through outdoor play will help them to benefit on a social, physical and emotional level, supporting them to thrive and grow up with more confidence. We are therefore delighted to be working with Play Gloucestershire in this element of our strategy to support children and young people’s mental health across Gloucestershire.”

Helen Ford, Programme Director – Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Maternity, NHS Gloucestershire

“I have learnt how important play is, the benefits and the scientific evidence linked to play. It was great learning, reading and training but to see the impact first hand has been fantastic. I have learnt that by providing some tools, resources and simple things, such as bubbles, can enhance the play environment for all children. I have also learnt about the structure of play sessions – I have loved the initial ‘You are in charge’, giving the ownership to the children and summarising at the end of what we have achieved.”

School Play Champion

“I feel more confident and more gooder [after 8 weeks of Play Nurture sessions]. I used to stamp off and go, but now I don’t hurt anyone and sometimes I let my tears down.”

Play Nurture Attendee

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