New Play 2 Recover Project

Following the success of our work during the summer holidays, we have recently secured funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund.

This core funding for the next six months of our recovery phase will enable us to continue supporting children and families in need and ensure our survival as a charity, putting us in a strong position to resume our community-based work when restrictions are finally lifted.

Our Lottery funded project is called ‘Play 2 Recover’ and we will:

  • Work with statutory and community partners to support the most vulnerable children in Gloucestershire through more targeted, closed access play nurture work
  • Provide another 1,000 Bags of Play for the children and families that need them most
  • Continue our Virtual Play Rangers using our social media platforms to engage, create and collate playful ideas, games, activities and information for families
  • Connect with our Young Volunteers by providing emotional support during this Covid-19 recovery phase, helping them reconnect confidently with their wider world and enabling them to share their thoughts, feelings, and play ideas during recovery with others using our social media platform

Thanks to the Government for making this possible.