Fit For Play

Turning the tide of physical inactivity with play

Our Play Rangers know that getting active not only improves physical health, but can also improve mental health and is fundamental to wellbeing. We humans are made to move, but the harsh reality is that there is a physical inactivity epidemic. Shockingly, today’s children may be the first generation with a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

Not everyone is sporty, or has the confidence to join a team or club. However, everyone needs to move and by providing free, inclusive community based play sessions, we can get people active through informal sports, building dens, active games such as tag, water fights, hide & seek, creative art, using and adapting existing play equipment. It results in all ages playing together on a shared community space from toddlers to teenagers to grandparents.

Schools are a key influence on children’s attitudes to activity. We have been working in partnership with schools to create play rich environments on school grounds across the county, promoting active and creative play. This reinforces the message that active play is an important part of childhood and often motivates children to move more once they find a game or activity they enjoy.

Billy, 10

“If Play Rangers didn’t exist then I would probably just sit at home on my PlayStation all day. This is much better!”

Adam Watson, Primary School Teacher

“The lunchtime active play sessions have been an amazing addition to our in-school Sport & PE. All of the children are active, being creative and building new friendships. Most importantly, they are enjoying the sessions a lot more than their usual lunch-time and being more active as a result. It’s been particularly lovely to see the non-sporty element flourish. Even those children who would normally choose traditional sporting activities sometimes prefer to run around with a wig on or play capture the flag.”