It’s official! We’re National Playwork Team of the Year!

Team PG are jumping up and down, whooping and smiling a lot at the moment. And it’s because we have won a prestigious national award at the National Playwork Conference in Eastbourne. We are absolutely thrilled that for the second year running we have won a national award. These awards are hotly contested in the Play Sector, and it is wonderful to have a panel of leading play experts decide that Play Gloucestershire are ‘Playwork Team of the Year’.

Play Gloucestershire is all about great team work. We are a small charity that work really well as a team, on limited resources to provide lots of good playwork. Achieving lots with a little depends on good teamwork, and our Trustees, staff, Young Volunteers, and supporters all pull together as a team to great effect and achieve our goal of making play happen.

This award is for each and everyone of you. Big thanks for all that you do. Together we are a great team!

by Pip Levett, Director of Play

Award speech bubble