Our Fit for Play programme uses play as a way of getting people active without the need for organised games, sporting events or specialised equipment.

Looking back over 2015 we were very busy with Fit for Play sessions taking place all over the county. Observing and taking part in play we quickly realised how active you get during games of tag, building dens, or joining informal games of sport such as football, table tennis or cricket.  Please take a look at the linked infographics for more information and highlights.

Thanks to Councillors Richard Leppington, Tracy Millard, Graham Morgan, Pamela Tracy, Kathy Williams & Suzanne Williams who used their Gloucestershire County Council  ACTIVE TOGETHER funding to provide Fit For Play sessions in 8 areas across the county.

Fit For Play sessions will continue this year and we are happy to discuss options on how to get our Play Rangers to other areas.